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Service Region

Chen Shu-Yuan
Chi-nan and Feng-lin Areas – Holistic Watershed Management and Disaster Prevention.on.
Rui-sui and Feng-bin Areas – Rural new Living Village
Yu-li and Fu-li Areas – Diversified Slope Land Resource Conservation

Work Areas:

The work area of this Bureau includes thirteen areas within Hualien County: Hsio-lin Village, Hsin-cheng Village, Chi-an Village, Hualien City, Sho-feng Village, Feng-bin Village, Feng-lin Village, Wan-rong Village, Kuang-fu Village, Rui-sui Village, Yu-li Village, Cho-shi Village, and Fu-li Village.
Geographic Location:
Hualien County is in eastern Taiwan, connected to I-lan in the North, Taitung in the South. It faces the Pacific Ocean in the east, and in the east it borders Taichung, Hualien, and Kaohsiung by the Central Mountain Range. The Tropic of Cancer passes through Rui-sui Village in central Hualien.

Natural Environment:

The seacoast and the Central Mountain Range are on east and west sidesof the region, respectively.There are numerous mountains and few flatlands.The land is uneven and the soil content fragile. The central areas are Huadong vertical valleys – an essence of Taiwan. Located in an area with oceanic subtropical weather, with 2,090 mm rain per year concentrated in the autumn and summer seasons. There are many fast-flowing rivers in the County.
Facing the Pacific Ocean, it is frequently harmed by typhoons and heavy rains in the summer and autumn, causing erosion, mudslides, and flooding.